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"We determine who we are by what we learn and how we use our education."

Frances Neville


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Peninsular Academy creates an individualized program for the unique in each student.  STEAM Exploration supports the individualized program while expanding a student's curiosity.

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Our Story

Planting Ideas

Planting Ideas - A Beginning


As  parents and grand parents who love and care for children we find our conversations around  the table sooner or later finding its way to the topic of education. There have always been stories to tell, classrooms  to compare and memories of our favorite teachers. It is the wonderful  adventure of education that sets our course, allows us to find our path  and be successful in our lives. Those conversations are how ideas begin to grow and develop. This is how  Peninsular Academy began. We are  people who care about children as they embark on their educational  journey to ensure that it is a meaningful experience. Peninsular Academy  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to educational  development which allows children to maintain their curiosity about  learning, to find their path and be successful. We would enjoy your  company along the way.

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Peninsular Acadamy

2400 Forest Hill Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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